Service Center for household appliances by Russo Ferdinando

The Service Center’s technicians for household appliances by Russo Ferdinando in Palermo are always up to date to offer the best service in Palermo. One of its strengths is that all workers take courses organized by the parent companies: Ariete, Braun, De Longhi, Gaggia, Hoover, Imetec, Kenwood, Philips, Polti, Simac, Vorwerk (the producers of Folletto and Bimby).

Special attention for the care of small household appliances that have become part of everyone's daily life: spare parts are exclusively original, perhaps less cheaper than generic products on the market, or coming from unofficial channels, but it’s sure that the appliance will not be damaged by the use of a similar spare part, but sometimes not compatible, and that it can therefore create further problems or even worsen the initial failure, perhaps overlapping another one. In the case of broken appliances the Technical Service Center through its technicians, carries out with the utmost care the operations necessary to get your appliance working again, as new.

During the pickup of the repaired product, (or to which a component has been replaced) the person in charge of the delivery provides all the information on the origin of the failure occurred to the appliance and what the technicians have done to repair the product. The service center also provides information about how to take care and clean home appliances, in order to help customers to further extend the life of the appliance, be it a coffee machine, a vacuum cleaner or a food processor or an iron.
This is because the employees and technicians can count on long experience, on constant updates, on their knowledge of mechanics and electronics, as well as passion for their work.
Rely on expert technicians, because otherwise, the repair of broken appliances could lead to greater damage, with time and money.

The company deals with spare parts brands that are the best on the market, as well as being the best known.
It may happen that even the appliances produced by these famous companies suffer from wear, the simple passage of time, or maybe they need maintenance after a long rest period.

By contacting this Technical Service Center for household appliances in Palermo, it is possible to go back to using your appliance spending less that for a new purchase. If the cost estimate is higher and therefore less convenient, contact the staff explaining your needs, and let them guide you to the purchase of a new appliance.