Authorized Philips Service Centre by Russo Ferdinando

The authorized Philips Service Center by Russo Ferdinando in Palermo and its domestic appliances sales, is a Sicilian business linked to the world of small appliances that are part of everyone's daily life. We take for granted the use of appliances, yet small appliances simplify and improve our life, allowing us to take advantage of moments of relaxation, otherwise employed in other matters, but also allowing us to have fun.

Everyone's life would be very different, if, for example, you could not have the support of a vacuum cleaner, an iron, or if there were no useful kitchen appliances for cooking, such as food processors, which allow you to prepare delicious creative dishes. Another example is the espresso machine, which allows you to take a break from hectic pace of modern life.

We are often so busy that we do not notice the appliances that save us time and effort. Only when a small appliance is broken, a part of it breaks or its starts to malfunction, we realize its usefulness, and suddenly it seems that its use is essential.

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To overcome these problems, the Russo Ferdinando company offers various appliances based on customers’ needs.
The Service Center’s team offers advise and provides fast repair service.

It is not necessary to purchase a new appliance.

We are attached to small everyday objects, sometimes because they are also full of memories, sometimes because one simply gets used to what surrounds us, sometimes because it gives us the possibility to rely on a household appliance that we know perfectly how to use in order to almost reach perfection.

In these cases it is much easier to repair broken appliances, to replace the damaged accessory, or to add a new accessory (branded and compatible), to return to having good help.
For this reason, the Technical Service Center assesses the appliance damage, repairs it, provides the necessary instructions, all in the shortest possible time, in order for customers to return to have time to relax, to play, to have fun, to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, around a special dinner, in front of a cup of coffee, in a clean and tidy house.